Melaleuca sales representative

  • Lebanon, OR, USA

The company has been around since the 80s, You can work from home. 1- 15 enrollment is  $1.00 for the month of January enroll 8 people and get a free iPad 9.5...  You can do this as a business or use the products for a safer environment over 400 products, made with no harsh chemicals.  Animal safe, Environmentally safe, We sale pet products, skin products, make up, anti-aging, hair, cleaning, household, coffee, tea, specialty drinks, food, health shakes, room deodorizer, vitamins, weight loss, hand soaps, medicine cabinet,  essential oils 100% made by plant and some bark, no chemicals.  All been tested and verified from usda approved.  For this month only Membership sign up for $1.00 start up for a year.  Regularly cost $19.00.  Buy 35 product points and over $51.00 every month.  If you get 11 people to sign up you get 1600.00 check from melaleuca for new members only. Pulse you get residual income every month. You buy what you would buy in the store you just change where you shop.  You can get $100.00 in free product in the month of January for anyone who signs up.  This company has changed so much in the last few years.  You can work this as a business or just use the products that are healthy for you and your family and pets.  There is so much more to tell you please contact me if your interested.