Compunnel Staffing

A leader in contingent and permanent workforce solutions for over 25 years now, Compunnel is ranked as one of the largest staffing firms in the US with huge presence in Asia as well. With more than 1800 employees, a satisfied client base of 112 companies, and local support in 24 locations across the US, we have become the first choice for more than 35 Fortune 500 organizations. Our transition from legacy recruitment methodologies to a more modern, technology driven approach is helping organizations redefine the way they discover, source and engage with human capital. Our Vision Our vision is to fundamentally simplify hiring. Thanks to our team of experienced recruiters, data scientists, and application developers, we have become the first firm to use mobile referrals in candidate sourcing, promote a recruitment marketplace to cut across geographical boundaries, and use a data analytics engine to determine candidate suitability. From automating all the time-consuming parts of the hiring cycle, using AI for intelligent screening, to devising new sourcing channels, we have given the world a peep into recruitment’s foreseeable future.